We take on accounting work to give business owners more time to do what they want to do.


We recognize that business owners wear many hats. We want to use our skills to help them stay focused on what really matters to them, so they can succeed in business and in life.


    • By preparing and submitting your COMPLETED Annual Financial Reports to your tax preparer at the beginning of each year with little effort on your part.
    • By staffing 2 Experienced Bookkeepers on your account freeing you from repeatedly having to hire, train, manage and lose office employees.
    • By Reconciling your Accounts using secure auditing checklists and processes.
    • By processing your Payroll and Payroll Tax Payments and Reporting.
    • By providing you with your Monthly Profit & Loss Statements so you can see where your business is strong and where timely corrections/adjustments can be made to decrease your expenses, and increase your revenue, cashflow, & grow your bottom line.


A to Z Helpers LLC was incorporated in September 2006 when Daphne and George Sohocki recognized a niche for their services and talents in the San Antonio, Texas and surrounding area.

George, along with their son Nick and Daphne’s brother Alex, was already doing computer repairs for friends and family and local Senior clients via referrals. In these requests and kudos for his patient, knowledgeable service, George could see a profitable business model focusing on meeting the technological needs of the San Antonio area Senior Citizens.

With a degree in computer programming, and a lifetime of personal and small business bookkeeping experience, Daphne found herself the go-to person when friends and family needed help with their own bookkeeping and organization.

In 2007, George’s brother, Chef Michael Sohocki, then the head chef at The Cove -- a fast-growing restaurant, live music venue, and more -- recommended Daphne’s bookkeeping services to the owners. A few years later, Chef Michael launched Restaurant Gwendolyn and three other restaurant concepts, all needing trustworthy and experienced bookkeeping, payroll, and bill-pay services.

The word-of-mouth referrals continued to pour in, and both facets of A to Z Helpers LLC grew, leading to the hire of their first bookkeeping employee in 2011, a second in 2012, a third in 2013, and three more in 2015. Today, A to Z Helpers employs 9 bookkeepers, plus Daphne. Together, they serve over 50 small- to medium-sized bookkeeping clients. George continues to serve individual computer needs for his small business and Senior clients, and additionally, teaches three to four days a week at different Senior Centers throughout San Antonio and surrounding area.

The team at A to Z Helpers continues to serve their clients diligently by working behind-the-scenes to build up each clients' company. We want to reach out and serve more business owners and professionals in San Antonio who are looking to free up their plate and increase their bottom line by getting the help they need from our team of skilled and caring bookkeepers who are interested in helping them succeed.