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I attended Subiaco Academy, a Benedictine Monastery in Northwestern Arkansas. From those excellent priests and brothers, I learned how to learn, learned how to teach, and learned how to be married.  In short, I learned how to live in a way that is honest and respectful to all of my brother and sisters in the world.  

I had my first computer training in the US Navy from 1982-1987.  During this time, I purchased my first desktop PC, with which I wrote my first book. I had a series of technical positions including micro electronics repair, medical equipment repair, etc. Subsequent to these positions, I began working with a large medical equipment company.  I repaired and maintained servers and workstations (computers).  About 5 years later, I was promoted to project manager, installing and training nurses to use this equipment which were located in almost all of the hospitals from Edinburgh to Temple Texas. During this 11 year assignment, on evenings and weekends, I installed and repaired home and small business computers. 

About 15 years ago Daphne (my wife) and I incorporated A to Z Helpers LLC.  We specialize in two areas. I repair computers and teach technology sessions at 5 local senior citizen centers.  Daphne, our CEO, manages the other area which is full service bookkeeping and accounting services for small and medium sized businesses.  

My burning desire is to be the guy that reaches a million seniors, and teaches them to integrate technology into their lives.  I do this by showing seniors that most technology evolved from the industrial age and has a perfect or near perfect parallel from the world of the 40's, 50's & 60's, they already know.

"Seniors already know it--they just don't know they know it...yet!"

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